Gas Line Installations

Gas lines would be $250.00 up to 10ft of gas pipe plus $15 per foot after that.

Furnace Cleaning

Inspect heat exchanger, clean burners, check gas pressure, check all safety switches, oil motor if needed.


Gas Leaks

Determine where the leak is coming from and repair.

This is based on an hourly wage of $150.00 per hour if fittings are required they would be extra.

A/C Service

Check furnace filter if it is clean, check “A” coil drain if it is clear, condensate line to be blown out, wash condenser unit outside with a hose, check operating pressures to make sure there is a proper charge of refrigerant in system.

This service is $100.00 to check unit.

Install Flow Through Humidifiers

These units produce humidity into the air to take away the dryness in your home, they can vary in price from $350 – 450.00 depending on the size of your home and also the different brand names that are available.

Digital Programmable Thermostats

These are something everyone should have in their home to save money on natural gas, they would vary anywhere from $200.00 – 400.00 depending on the make and model required.

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